WSIA Committees


Join one of these committees and play a role in shaping your neighborhood.  Contact your block captain or any of the officers for more information.  

Square Party Committee:  Organizes the summer Wellington Square cookout

Communications Committee:  Manages email, direcotry, website, Yahoo Group, newsletter

Welcoming Committee:  This team provides a warm welcome to new neighbors in the square

Safety Committee:  Helps improve safety in our square, illegal parking and lighting issues

Yard Sale Committee:  Organizes and promotes annual yard sale

Beautification Committee:  Landscaping and cleanup projects, grafitti removal, Washtington Trees Task Force

Film Committee:  Assists residents with questions and concerns regarding working with film companies, ensures that disturbances are kept to a minimum, and asks for a donation to the WSIA so all residents can benefit from any potential impact

Historic Perspectives Committee:  Acts as the square historian and investigates HPOZ

Task Force Committee:  Gates, Washington Trees, Nominating