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Save the NC Funding

For Immediate Release
jay handal

Budget Advocates

Neighborhood Council Funds may be swept  

and your annual funding cut !!!


The new budget for 2011/12 is now being formulated and word has it that the rollover funds are going to be swept, EVEN IF YOU HAVE THEM ALLOCATED TO A FUTURE PROJECT,  and your annual budget will be reduced by 10% or more !!!!!!
You must act now.
Below is the Budget Advocates 3 page recommendation given to the Mayor and the City Council.
IT IS IMPORTANT that you CALL-WRITE- SPEAK to your council member to save our funding.

And you MUST do it NOW !!!!!

If you have any qustions, please feel freee to call me at 310-466-0645  or e mail to budgetadvocates@aol.com


Remember-the money you save may be your own !!!!!! 

Neighborhood Council 2011-2012 Budget



Whereas the City of Los Angeles is in financial crisis




Whereas the Neighborhood Council System encompasses more than 3000 volunteers for the City


Whereas the Neighborhood Council System represents more than 4,000,000 constituents as prescribed by the City Charter,


Therefore, the Budget Advocates propose the following budget for Neighborhood Councils for fiscal year 2011-2012:



Item                                        2010                      2011

Elections                      $1,900,000.00          $   800,000.00*

NC Funds                     $4.095,000.00         $4,185,000.00**

Congress                                    000.00                          $20,000.00

Total                                    $5.995,000.00            $5,005,000.00



Net Savings:                        $990,000.00  or $ 10,645.16 per N.C., a 23.6% reduction per N.C.


Roll Over Funds:

Policy: Roll over funds that are allocated but unspent ( No Demand Warrant yet issued) should remain with the neighborhood council. Any funds not allocated or spent should be used to hire additional support staff at DONE for the purpose of hiring a grant writer to supplement the NC funding system.




In 2010, the City Clerk was allocated more than $1,900,000.00 to fully run the NC elections. It was originally anticipated that the Clerks office would do all outreach as well as administer the elections.


In order to have the NC system participate in the reduction of the budget gap, it is proposed that each neighborhood council would administer its own election, with the help of the City Clerks office who would appoint one person as the independent election administrator at each election site. It is anticipated that the cost per election would not exceed $1,500.00 per neighborhood council.


Each Neighborhood Council would be responsible to hold its own elections. A citywide system of ballots would be put into place, and a committee set up to formulate how the elections are to run and be administered.


In the 2011 budget, it is anticipated that the election costs would not exceed

 $ 800,000.00. The balance of the requested funds would be used to fund the charter mandated annual congress (20,000.00)


This represents a net savings to the City of  $ 990,000.00; a significant contribution that also empowers the NC system to take back and administer its own elections and to fully fund the charter mandated NC Congress.


In addition, in the past 12 months, the NC system has come to the table with:


1)    By Laws Committee volunteers charged with working directly with NC’s for By Laws issues

2)    Peer Mentoring Committee: NC members whose charge is to work with NC’s who have questions or issues within their councils, thereby supplementing DONE staff with peers.

3)    Volunteer Committee: A committee of NC volunteers who will work with the NC’s for their volunteer needs. In addition, the volunteer committee will be taking the lead in holding the 2011 Neighborhood Congress.

4)    An election task force was assembled and recommendations are forthcoming to the City

5)    Congress committee: Charged with organizing and implementing the 2011 NC Congress, as mandated by the Charter.

6)    Volunteer treasurer committee working with DONE to ensure proper financial reporting and accountability by all NC’s.




In addition to the above, it is estimated that there is a volunteer pool supplementing, in many cases, city council office staff, working for the city for free, for a better quality of life.

Below is the estimate of number of volunteers and the hours estimated overall, along with a “Living Wage” calculation to show how many hours and how much labor is expended on behalf of the city, all at no cost to the city:


# Of Board Members:            __________1800______________


# Of Volunteers            __________1200______________


Estimated Hours per:            ____________10 month____________


Total Estimated Hours_________360000_______________


Living Wage per hour            _______$ 11.55___________


Total donated dollars            _______$ 4,158,000.00_________________


Total Donated Dollars by median Wage of a city worker: 

$24.00 per hour equals  $8,640,000.00**


** Does not include benefits and pension