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Venice Blvd. Median Planting Started Near Mid-Town Crossing

We are pleased to see that planting of Italian Cypress trees began this morning on the Venice Blvd. median near Mid-Town Crossing… see attached photo.  This effort has taken about a year – with hard work from MINC President Allan DiCastro and the 16th Place Neighborhood Association.  The planting of these trees should help beautify the area around the new shopping center – and help with noise abatement for residents along 16th Place.

Congratulations to all involved for you hard work!


Have A Voice In Your Community! Run For The MINC Board – Candidate Call Open Now!

Are you interested in participating in your local Neighborhood Council by filling one of our vacant Board seats?  If so, be sure to file your candidate forms during the open Candidate Call which ends on 9/27.  MINC Elections will be held on Saturday, 10/27.

For more information – and to find out what Board seats are open, go to our website at http://mincla.org/pages/election.