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Mid-City Project Area Committee Meeting on 8/23/11 at 6PM

SIGNAGE at CIM site (Lowes) is on agenda for their meeting tomorrow night.

Please see the information below, as well as the attached agenda, about the upcoming Mid-City Recovery Redevelopment – Project Area Committee (PAC) Meeting.  
We welcome everyone in the community to attend.

 Please note the meeting location.

 Date:  August 23, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time:  6:00p.m.
New Location:  LAPD Washington Square Stop-In Center, 4014 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018                                                                                        
Parking:  Parking is free in the large parking lot (behind the building).

 For information about the current existing projects in the area, please visit the website:  www.crala.org and click onto the Mid-City Project Area.

Los Angeles CRA Creates Blight – LA Weekly

This issue was brought to the MINC Board this month. I wanted to share it, because I’ve heard a lot of people discussing the problem, and it affects our neighbors to the immediate north. For clarification, this is the new Lowes site.


On June 2, Mid-City resident Peter Porte walked into his backyard to greet the morning. From the ridge where his home sits, he looked out on the Hollywood Hills. On June 3, Porte walked into his backyard to greet the morning. He looked out on a towering concrete wall — an ugly surprise from the L.A. Community Redevelopment Agency and private developer CIM Group.

His next-door neighbor on 16th Place, Robert Portillo, says, “The second we saw what was going on, we started making phone calls. Everybody was calling like crazy.”

The before-and-after photos, which ran on KCAL 9/CBS 2 and at laweekly.comlast week, are shocking — an example of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA/L.A.) creating rather than removing blight in a residential neighborhood.



Before: a view of the Hollywood Hills


After: The neighborhood gathers in front of the penitentiary wall.


Ten years ago, the Los Angeles Planning Commission approved protective wording to assure that homes on 16th Place — which looked over the top of the 70-foot-tall Sears below their ridge — still would have sweeping views after a new development rose.

But this month CIM Group, in just hours, installed a “tilt-up” wall — the backside of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center and another big-box store. The wall towers far above the demolished 70-foot-tall Sears.

CIM Group’s MidTown Crossing complex doesn’t merely wipe out views, it ruins a neighborhood by creating a foreboding, prisonlike backdrop.

Critics who have seen the before-and-after shots say they are among the worst in the annals of L.A.’s density wars.

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