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Dorsey High Redevelopment

Sue Strickland alerted me to a public hearing regarding a redevelopment plan for Dorsey High School.  See the attached flyer that Sue gave me – if you’re interested in knowing more.

Also, they have a little information on their website:

The District intends to redevelop the Dorsey HS campus by building a new competitive gymnasium. In addition, the District intends to build new classroom facilities needed to replace classrooms that will be displaced by the new gymnasium development.”


RFK is LAUSD’s most costly campus – and it needs more cash – LA Daily News

This is a fascinating article about the ballooning costs of building a school on the old Ambassador Hotel site. I think I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that they actually tore down the Ambassador, in lieu of using the structure. Only time will tell whether these costs will be justified – but the figures for the costs per student and the numbers for other big construction projects around the city in the past couple of years are truly eye-popping.

Already ballooning to $572 million, Los Angeles Unified’s most expensive school – and possibly the nation’s – looks like it will need a final $6 million infusion before fully opening this fall.

The Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, a K-12 complex on the former site of the Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, needs the money to satisfy environmental regulations.

School board members are scheduled Tuesday to vote on the additional funding request.

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