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The LAFD Wants To Hear From You – Presentation & Survey


The LAFD and EmpowerLA Are Coming to a Neighborhood Near You


The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is developing a new, community-driven strategic plan and is teaming up with EmpowerLA to get the word out to members of the community.

The partnership between the two city departments is the first of its kind– EmpowerLA is connecting the LAFD to the Neighborhood Councils, and they are asking for your help in connecting them to the 3.8 million residents they serve.

The LAFD wants to hear from you and from everyone in your community. Check out their PowerPoint presentation for details on the Strategic Plan.

Join the conversation. Take the electronic survey, spread the word with your Neighborhood Council and, encourage all stakeholders to fill it out and to view the presentation click here. And stay tuned for future presentations, surveys, and meetings with the LAFD at Neighborhood Council events. Don’t forget to check at www.empowerla.org.