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Consolidated Plan – Community Follow-Up Meetings

See the attached notices about community meetings being held for the Consolidated Plan (which determines how Federal funds will be spent in our neighborhood).


Hello Everyone:

As you know, the Commission for Community and Family Services and CDD, together with the Housing Department, the Housing Authority and the Homeless Services Agency, hosted nine community meetings throughout the City, in October 2012. The purpose was to engage the community and get their active input on the development of the Consolidated Plan (Con Plan).

Next week we begin with our follow-up community meetings, where we will share the Mayor’s priorities for the Con Plan and discuss how this coincides with the needs identified by the community.

Attached you will find the flyer with the meeting locations, in both English and Spanish, for your information and to be distributed to all FamilySource Centers, YouthSource Centers, WorkSource Centers and other contractors who provide services and programs to very low-, low- and moderate-income families and individuals.

Hope to see you at the meetings.