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Online Rate Calculator Helps Customers Understand Effect of Proposed Rate Increases on Their Water & Power Bill


DATE: July 18, 2012 10:26:36 AM PDT

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Easy to Use Internet Tool Will Help Customers Understand and
Anticipate Effect of Proposed Rate Increases on Their Water & Electric Bill
To help customers understand the potential cost of proposed electric and water rate changes, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has created an online user-friendly rates calculator that enables customers to compare the impact of the proposed rate increases against their average monthly bill.
The rates calculator provides a tool to help customers determine the potential impact of the rate changes based on their historic household or business electricity and water use.
For over a year the LADWP has been conducting public outreach to inform its customers about the fundamental reasons that power and water rate increases are needed.  In April, the LADWP announced proposed power and water rate increases that will pay for critically needed investments to meet legal mandates and replace aging infrastructure.
“LADWP is facing an unprecedented set of legal mandates that affect much of the city’s traditional energy and water supplies,” said LADWP General Manager Ronald O. Nichols. “On top of that, our infrastructure is old and getting older, and requires increased investment to maintain the reliable service our customers have counted on for a century.  As a public utility, one of LADWP’s guiding principles is to keep power and water rates competitive. While the proposed increases will raise rates, they will still remain well below those of neighboring utilities,” Mr. Nichols said.
On the power side, the average increase across all customers will be about 1.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) over the two years, or about 10.8%. For typical residential customers using 500 kWh per month, the increase will be about one-half that, or 5.4% in total over the two years, which is about $3.55 per month on the typical residential bill of $65.79.
The average water customer would see their rate increase approximately 4.8% over two years, excluding a temporary pass-through increase for purchased water due to this year’s near record dry winter. The additional revenue will allow the LADWP water system to ramp up investment in developing local water supplies to reduce the city’s reliance on more expensive imported water purchases from the Metropolitan Water District, replace aging infrastructure, and meet state and federal water quality regulations.
The power and water rate proposals are currently being reviewed by the LADWP Ratepayer Advocate.  They are expected to be considered by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners in August, and thereafter by the City Council.
To learn more about the 2012-2014 rates proposal and use the online rates calculator, please visit www.ladwp.com/rates.


For more information contact:

Joseph Ramallo
LADWP Public Affairs
(213) 367-1361

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LADWP Water Rebate Program for Homes and Businesses

DATE: June 29, 2012 2:55:19 PM PDT

July 1 Marks Re-Launch of LADWP Water Rebate Program for Homes and Businesses
Rebate on California Friendly Landscape Increases to $1.50 Per Square Foot

LOS ANGELES- LADWP re-launches its popular water conservation rebate program for homes and businesses on July 1, offering rebates on more than a dozen separate water-saving incentives to encourage conservation while also saving money. Any of the 657,000 water customers within the City of Los Angeles service area can benefit from the rebates and incentives offered by the LADWP through the SoCal Water$mart Rebate and Save-A-Buck programs for items ranging from high-efficiency clothes washers (residential) to ice making machines (commercial) to rotating sprinkler nozzles (residential and commercial).

Residential customers who replace water-thirsty lawns with California Friendly Landscape will now receive a $1.50 per square foot rebate, versus $1 under the prior Turf Replacement Program, for a maximum of $3,000 and 2,000 square feet per project. A list of climate appropriate plants and examples of drought tolerant landscape projects and other tips are available at www.bewaterwise.com.

“Angelenos are embracing water-savings like no other major City in the country, and by again offering these incentive programs, we will move the bar even further as more LADWP customers become water-wise,” said James B. McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager, Water System. “In this era of limited, and more expensive imported water supplies, every drop saved puts money back in our customers’ pockets and helps the environment.”

For the nine U.S. cities with over one million residents, Los Angeles has the lowest per capita use at 123 gallons per day, besting New York, San Diego, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas.

The SoCal Water$mart Rebate Program for residential customers (tenants, homeowners, and landlords) is facilitated by our regional water partner, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). To view a list of rebate offerings, go to www.socalwatersmart.com.

LADWP’s Save–A-Buck program for commercial and industrial customers offers rebates for 15 different water efficient devices, machines and equipment. Commercial customers include multi-family residences such as apartment buildings as well as retail operations, restaurants, in addition to office buildings, manufacturers and other similar businesses. Applications and guidelines are available at www.mwdsaveabuck.com.

The Department also has free water conservation devices to help customers save water in the home. Items available free of charge for LADWP customers include: 1.5, 1.0 and 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) bathroom faucet aerators, 1.5 gpm kitchen faucet aerators and 2.0 gpm showerheads. Visit one of our regional customer service centers to pick up any of these devices and valuable printed information on water conservation and our rebate programs.

For more information on water conservation in Los Angeles, including our water conservation rebate incentives, please click here.

Midtown Crossing – Lowes #2714 Hiring

The Lowes at MidTown Crossing has begun hiring…

Here is the information:

Store Number: 2714

According to Lowes’ representatives, applications for jobs at the Midtown Crossing store will only be accepted via the Lowes website (www.Lowes.com/careers).  Lowes will conduct interviews locally and has leased space across from the shopping center to do so.  Interested parties should check the Lowes website a few times per week because because the listing apparently changes frequently. 

Upcoming Job Fairs

Two Job Fairs this Week (See attached):

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2011 – 10:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
L.A. Valley College – Monarch Hall: 5800 Fulton Avenue, Valley Glen, CA 91401 – (818) 947.2941

Targeted Occupations:
Customer Service
General Maintenance
Health Care
(Other industries may attend)

For questions or to confirm your participation please contact:
Tamika Taylor @ 213.744.7107 or Tamika.Taylor@lacity.org

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Proud Bird Event Center
11022 Aviation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
East of 405 Fwy. between Century & Imperial

A job and resource fair for Veterans, National Guard, and Reservists returning from active duty.  Open to the public.

l Please register at www.hoh.greatjob.net
l Dress for success and bring your résumé
l Meet and interview with employers
l Find out about job opportunities
l Obtain benefits, training, and career information

For additional information, please call Ted Tenorio (310) 574-6485 James Wright (323) 290-5159

What you can do for your City!

Free Health Services – Oct. 16th

Please pass this information along to anyone in the L.A. area who could benefit from these services, especially our veterans.  

 Free Health Services:

Cleanings, fillings, extractions, and other procedures
Eye and vision exams, prescriptions and eyeglasses
Medical exams and screenings, women’s health exams. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, and many other medical specialists will also be available.
Wristband required for patient entry.  While the medical exams take place between October 20 – 23, patients must register on October 16 to receive a wristband.

The free medical care and dental exams being offered at the L.A. Sports Arena from October 20 – 23. The Keck School of Medicine of USC is one of many sponsors with our doctors and medical staff serving as volunteers. 

Below is the website link for more information:

One wristband per person.  First come, first served until all wristbands are gone.

FREE Medical and Dental Exams – Oct. 20-23

Please see attached flyer about free medical care and dental exams being offered at the L.A. Sports Arena from October 20 – 23. The Keck School of Medicine of USC is one of many sponsors with our doctors and medical staff serving as volunteers. Below is the website link for more information:


While the medical exams take place between October 20 – 23, patients must register on October 16 to receive a wristband. 

All-Electric Coda: First Chinese-Made Car Comes to U.S. – USATODAY.com

The CODA Electric Car company has just moved into it’s new location in the MINC area – along Washington Blvd., near Apple and Fairfax.

All-electric Coda: First Chinese-made car comes to U.S.

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

By Nate Napierala, CODA
The 2012 CODA sedan.

After years of anticipation, the first Chinese-built car is finally being offered for sale in the U.S. But far from being the vanguard of an invasion of cheap Chinese cars that U.S. automakers once feared, the Coda sedan, as the model is being called, is a pricey niche model: a $44,900 all-electric sedan.

And it’s not entirely Chinese. The battery is made in China by a joint venture of which Los Angeles-based Coda has a 40% stake. The body is made at a contract builder in China.

But the car was largely engineered in the U.S., and some of its electronics are American-made. Plus, the battery is attached to the body in Benicia, Calif.

Coda executives aren’t shy about the car’s origins. “This will be the first Chinese car in the U.S.,” Coda CEO Philip Murtaugh declared as he opened Coda’s sales center at a shopping mall in Los Angeles‘ tony Century City last week.

Rather than looking like a high-tech wonder, the Coda is a plain sedan that is priced almost $5,000 more than the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric and about $9,700 more than the all-electric Nissan Leaf. All-electric vehicles are eligible for federal tax credits up to $7,500, which reduce their cost a bit.

But Coda has a longer range than its two better-known competitors. Test drivers report going more than 100 miles between charges in the Coda, including climbing hills and cruising freeways at more than 70 miles per hour. Murtaugh says range will be the edge that allows the Coda to compete against better-known, lower-priced brands.

While lithium-ion batteries have become somewhat of an electric-car mainstay, Coda uses a different chemistry — lithium iron phosphate. Some 728 cells are built into the chassis.

Coda is the exception in a Chinese auto industry that explored coming to the U.S. but never made the move. Demand in China, one of the world’s fastest-growing auto markets, has been so vibrant that there was no need. And Chinese automakers have had trouble reaching the quality levels demanded by U.S. consumers, analysts say.

Even now, “All Chinese automakers need improvements in vehicles and design,” says Tim Dunne, director of global auto operations for J.D. Power and Associates, who was stationed in China for 14 years.

Chinese auto exports are increasing, but mostly to other emerging nations. Alysha Webb, a former Automotive News correspondent in China who now writes a Chinese car blog, says she’s not sure American car buyers will be “comfortable” buying Chinese. “I think it is going to be a big issue.”

Street Lighting Copper Wire Theft!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: SoRo Announcements
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 9:01 PM
Subject: Street Lighting Copper Wire Theft!


Reynier Village – – Last Wednesday at 4:20 a.m. thieves broke into the electrical boxes of City street lights on David Avenue and stole all the copper wires.

One savvy resident took video of the event and turned it over to the Commercial Crime Division of the LAPD.

The next night, FIVE (5) residential streets went completely dark for at least four nights. Some streets still do not have power yet although the Bureau of Street Lighting is working diligently to restore the wires for all streets affected.

The streets that went dark were:
David Avenue
24th Street
25th Street
Beverlywood Street
Gibson Street(between Robertson & Shenandoah)

We received a report this afternoon that parts of Halm may also be affected.
BE ON THE LOOKOUT for copper wire thieves. If you see anyone tampering with the street lights before 8 am and after 3 pm, CALL THE POLICE, they will not be city workers! TRY TO GET A LICENSE PLATE NUMBER; AND PHOTOGRAPHS; FOR YOUR SAFETY, DO NOT CONFRONT THESE PEOPLE. The copper wires are located below the sidewalk in a box next to the street light. City workers, after repairs, are now using an epoxy to seal the boxes. IF YOUR STREET LIGHTS GO OUT, CALL 3-1-1 OR STREET LIGHTING DIVISION AT 323-913-4744 or fill in a request for service at

ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO SOUTH ROBERTSON NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL SAFETY COMMITTEE to michaellynn@soronc.org; and let your council office know about this problem. And of course contact the LAPD if you have witnessed anything!

The Bureau of Street Lighting has indicated area wide outages “as a direct result of the escalating wire theft epidemic.”

They will attempt to make repairs in a timely manner but please be patient.

Fresh & Easy Is Hiring for 18th and LaCienega Store

A new Fresh and Easy market is going in at 18th and LaCienega.  This will replace the Milano Motors building just south of the Claude Pepper Senior Center.  Good News!  Fresh and Easy is Hiring for the new store!

Please pass the word to anyone who is looking for work:
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market (TM)

Hiring for the new 18th & La Cienega store! Join us on the 24th for our recruiting event, and apply online in advance to speed your process that day – http://www.freshandeasy.com/JoinUs.

fresh&easy Hiring Event – for 18th & La Cienega location 

Location: Hollywood Heights Hotel
Time: ‎9:00AM Wednesday, August 24th