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LA City Council Redistricting – Map Presentations Set for Jan. 18th

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission (LACCRC) completed its first round of public hearings with nearly 2,000 Angelenos, from all 15 City Council Districts!

Next week, on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, the Commission will meet with the public at LA City Council Chambers beginning at 4PM to receive public generated proposed map plans. 

This meeting will serve as an opportunity for the public to present new, altered, or existing City Council district map plans. Single districts generated by the public should consist of a total population of 252,841; this number reflects the ideal population as based upon 2010 census data. Additionally, the Commission welcomes individuals and organizations to present maps on an single, regional or citywide basis.

There will be a 10 minute time limit for individuals or organizations presenting single or regional City Council District maps and a 20 minute time limit for individuals or organizations presenting citywide maps.

To schedule your presentation, please RSVP by emailing the Commission’s Outreach Director, Rani Woods, at Rani.Woods@lacity.org  Please list your name and affiliation, if applicable. You will receive a RSVP confirmation via email within 24 hours. All organizations that do not RSVP will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis on Wednesday.  

Please make sure to bring copies of your maps and supporting documents with you. Organizations that wish to give a Power Point presentation, must submit files electronically to the Commission’s Executive Director, Andrew Westall, at Andrew.Westall@lacity.org by 12:00PM on Tuesday, January 17.

For parking arrangements, please contact your City Councilmember’s office directly.

Please note: A decision was made by the Commission at their most recent business meeting to cancel the group presentation hearing on Tuesday, January 17 at Van Nuys City Hall. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and short notice. 

Los Angeles CRA Creates Blight – LA Weekly

This issue was brought to the MINC Board this month. I wanted to share it, because I’ve heard a lot of people discussing the problem, and it affects our neighbors to the immediate north. For clarification, this is the new Lowes site.


On June 2, Mid-City resident Peter Porte walked into his backyard to greet the morning. From the ridge where his home sits, he looked out on the Hollywood Hills. On June 3, Porte walked into his backyard to greet the morning. He looked out on a towering concrete wall — an ugly surprise from the L.A. Community Redevelopment Agency and private developer CIM Group.

His next-door neighbor on 16th Place, Robert Portillo, says, “The second we saw what was going on, we started making phone calls. Everybody was calling like crazy.”

The before-and-after photos, which ran on KCAL 9/CBS 2 and at laweekly.comlast week, are shocking — an example of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA/L.A.) creating rather than removing blight in a residential neighborhood.



Before: a view of the Hollywood Hills


After: The neighborhood gathers in front of the penitentiary wall.


Ten years ago, the Los Angeles Planning Commission approved protective wording to assure that homes on 16th Place — which looked over the top of the 70-foot-tall Sears below their ridge — still would have sweeping views after a new development rose.

But this month CIM Group, in just hours, installed a “tilt-up” wall — the backside of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center and another big-box store. The wall towers far above the demolished 70-foot-tall Sears.

CIM Group’s MidTown Crossing complex doesn’t merely wipe out views, it ruins a neighborhood by creating a foreboding, prisonlike backdrop.

Critics who have seen the before-and-after shots say they are among the worst in the annals of L.A.’s density wars.

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Herb Wesson Campaign Grand Opening

Please join us for our Campaign Grand Opening. 




Saturday, February 5, 2011   SABADO 5 DE FEBRERO DEL 2011

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

4635 West Pico Boulevard (Rimpau and Pico)

 (323) 935-HERB (4372)


Refreshments Provided                                                                            




Sylvia Lacy
Please  pass this along to your neighbors, family and friends. See you Saturday!!!!

Washington Blvd. Sidewalk Repair Has Begun

You may have noticed today that street crews from the L.A. Bureau Of Street Services showed up this morning to begin repairing the sidewalks along Washington Blvd. in Wellington Square, between Wellington Rd. and Victoria Ave. This was a welcome to sight to anyone who has walked along that stretch of the sidewalk recently – the pavement was in serious need of repair due to numerous cracks and damage from the roots of large pine trees.

And here’s even more good news… none of the historic pine trees in that area along Washington Blvd. will be harmed or removed during this sidewalk repair process thanks in large part to the hard work of several of the residents of Wellington Square and the diligence of Herb Wesson and his CD-10 staff. Special thanks to Sylvia Lacy and John Harmon from CD-10 for working with the residents to ensure that the work could be accomplished and completed without disturbing these majestic trees. They met with officials from the Bureau of Street Services to work out a plan for repair that would especially protect the trees.

The work is estimated to take several weeks to finish. During this time, you will be unable to walk on the sidewalk on the south side of Washington Blvd. in that section, so please plan an alternate walking path on the north side of the street.