About WSIA



The Wellington Square Improvement Association (WSIA) is composed of the residents of the four blocks of Victoria Avenue, Wellington Road, Virginia Road, and Buckingham Road.  The association meets every couple of months at the CD-10 Office (District Office–Councilmember Herb Wesson, 1819 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA  90006 – parking is located in the lot off of Manhattan Pl.).  Notices about the date and time are posted on signs throughout the neighborhood, on this website, via email, and can be distributed in each mailbox upon request.  Each street has a block meeting in the intervening months (held at a member’s home).  For more information, contact your block captain (see below).

The Association has a long history of service to its members.  Founded in the early 1920’s, it is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in the city of Los Angeles.  Dues are only $20 per year (you can pay your block captain).  Please join your neighbors today, if you have not already done so, in working for the preservation of our neighborhood.  Remember, the Association exists for the residents of Wellington Square, to safeguard your interests and enhance the community in which you live.

Intent and Purposes of Wellington Square Improvement Association (WSIA)

The Wellington Square Improvement Association has had a long history of service to its residents. In 1923, the residents decided to unite for the purpose of preserving the quality and value of property in our four-block area. This purpose is still uppermost in our Association today.

The geographical location in relationship to beaches, Hollywood, Downtown, and points to the North and South make this a prime area in which to live. Realizing this from the beginning, great care was taken to enforce zoning laws, to show pride of ownership in the care of property, to discourage crime, and to encourage all residents to feel they were part of a community they could be proud of. This is just as true today as it was almost 90 years ago.

Our primary purpose is the same as the organization that went before us—to protect the area in which we live. In order to do this, we must maintain property values, protect these values through zoning regulations and restrictions, keep up the appearance of the area through cooperative efforts, and have a strong organization that is functioning for the best interest of Wellington Square.

The Wellington Square Improvement Association (WSIA) will be glad to have you as a representative of your property and a member. Join us in protecting our biggest and most precious investment…



Why Belong To A Neighborhood Group?

  • It helps your natural tendency to care about your neighbors and your community.
  • It helps to create and keep alive your own alertness and concerns.
  • It helps by giving you a referral for your problems.
  • It helps you by providing personal contact with your neighbors.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Wellington Square Improvement Association exists for the residents. Organizational efforts to inform you, to safeguard your interests, and to enhance the neighborhood in which you live can succeed only to the degree to which you, a resident, a neighbor, and a member, support the group effort.

Your duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Regular attendance at organization meetings.
  • Commitment to serve on a committee.
  • Notification to the association information, interests and concerns related to our neighborhood.
  • Suggestion on improving services, activities and procedures.

WSIA Past Accomplishments

Membership in the WSIA and strong participation have been the key factors in past successes in the neighborhood.  In our world today, associations show “group” concern and are listened to by those who make the decisions which affect us all.  Historically, the WSIA has only as successful as the vigilance of the members.  We welcome you – and you we hope you will join us to help preserve the area you choose to call HOME!  We hope to see you at the next WSIA general meeting – or at one of the block meetings – in the near future!

  • Retained zoning laws to keep the neighborhood “R1” zoned for single family dwellings.
  • Purchased “Neighborhood Watch” signs to help keep our streets safe for all of us and our children.
  • Worked to put up the gate at 23rd and West Blvd., to secure the borders of our neighborhood.
  • Met regularly throughout the years with police and council members to protect our interests.
  • Published a newsletter and/or blog to bring you the news and concerns regarding your neighborhood.
  • Gone before the City Council and other local agencies to keep additional liquor outlets from moving into the community.
  • Filed petitions and have gone to hearings to keep group home and halfway houses from being permitted in the neighborhood.
  • Participates in other community groups to stay knowledgeable about items that will effect all of us.