Meeting Regarding New LAX Flight Paths Over West Adams – Wed., 6/21 @ 5:30pm

DON’T LET THE NEW LAX FLIGHT PATHS destroy our neighborhood and our health!!! Join us at the CD10 Clear Skies Community Meeting on June 21 !!!

LAX and the FAA have redesigned the routes so both international and domestic flights are landing directly over the 10 freeway. This is permanent. ALL flights are concentrated above OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. We are no longer sharing the burden with other parts of the city. There is a jet crossing overhead roughly every 60-110 seconds, creating noise and jet fuel pollution, and diminishing property values. Once again, they are destroying the health and value of a lovely neighborhood that was already demolished by the 10 freeway in the 60’s.

1) Noise Pollution
2) Air Pollution
3) Loss of Property Value
4) Social Justice

Clear Skies Meeting: Wednesday, June 21, 5:30pm

5:30, STARTS SHARP at 6 – 9pm
4000 W. Washington Blvd:
At the new El Pulgarcito De America Bar and Grill (east of Crenshaw in the old Vintage Hollywood building on the corner).
APPETIZERS and Beverage generously provided by the owner and community activist, Fred Castellano.

There should be a report from Karen Bass’s office and Jeff Camp will report from Wesson’s office and a Q & A/action discussion.

IMPORTANT RSVP: info and put “Coming!” In the subject matter or call 323-871-8580 and leave your name and contact info. We need to know how many!

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