Washington Boulevard Medians

Message from Council President Herb Wesson:

Hello all, the long awaited Washington Boulevard medians are now in the process of being built. The work being done now is “soil remediation” there was some soil contamination from the old rail lines in the street. These are the road restrictions that will be in effect until the completion of the soil mitigation and median construction.

The traffic control measures will be in effect throughout the period of construction (no more than 120 days and quite likely less) and will be enforced 24hr./7 days a week and will include:

Left Traffic Lane closure on E/B Washington Bl.:

– Cloverdale Ave. to Orange Dr.

– Bronson Ave. to 4th Ave.

Parking Restriction (No Parking) on E/B Washington Bl.:

– Cochran Ave. to La Brea Ave.

– Crenshaw Bl. to Bronson Ave.

– 7th Ave. to Arlington Ave.

Left Traffic Lane closure on W/B Washington Bl.:

– 3rd Ave. to Bronson Ave.

– Mansfield Ave. to Redondo Ave.

Parking Restriction (No Parking) on W/B Washington Bl.:

– Arlington Ave. to Crenshaw Bl.

– La Brea Ave. to Redondo Ave.

Please pass on to your contacts, thanks

Sylvia Lacy
District Office Director, Council District 10
President, Los Angeles City Council

1819 S. Western Avenue 90006
Phone: 323-733-8233 Fax: 323-733-5833

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