WAHA Call For Action About Oil

From WAHA President Lore Hilburg…


Ask Councilman Wesson to support our community and publicly oppose FMOG’s (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) expansion project.

The case is now under review by the Zoning Administrator and Councilman Wesson has not weighed in as our elected representative nor has he announced a position on the case except to say he wants to help the parties negotiate. To date, no meeting with the oil company has been called. A meeting with the oil company is not enough.

– Please write to our City Councilman, Herb Wesson

– Follow-up your letter/email with phone calls and visit his office

– Ask Council President Wesson (or his staff) to publicly oppose FMOG’s proposal to expand its facility by installing a CEB 800 gas burner into the parkland at 27th and St. Andrews.

Council President Herb Wesson
City Hall
Room 430
220 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Field Office
1819 South Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
E-mail Councilman Wesson and his deputies:
Phone numbers:
City Hall office 213-473-7010
Field Office on Western: (323) 733-8233

The West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) sent the attached letter to Councilman Wesson calling on him to oppose FMOG’s project. WAHA is also asking its members to write and call Mr. Wesson as individual citizens. Our community should do the same.

Persistence is needed.

It is crucial to lobby Councilman Wesson now and repeatedly until the conclusion of the case. Writing once or attending one meeting is not enough to sway elected officials when there is a multi-billion dollar corporation on the other side. We need to make the political system work the way it is supposed to work, and the only way for citizens to do that is by demonstrating sustained concern and applying sustained pressure.


9 Stories: The FMOG Moving Target

– May 12 Zoning Administrator hearing: FMOG changed its story about the purpose of the proposed CEB project for the 9th time. (see: )

– FMOG told the Zoning Administrator that it is losing its historical exemption from natural gas standards under Southern California Gas’s Rule 30


o Its ability to sell gas will be substantially impaired.

o Freeport’s lawyer claimed this creates a “new urgency” to install the CEB 800 to burn the gas produced at both the Murphy and Jefferson well sites.

o Freeport insists on installing a CEB 800 (and possibly a second CEB 800 in the future) rather than electricity producing microturbines because a CEB 800 can burn so much more gas than a microturbine

(see: )

Burning Natural Gas:

– Drilling for oil brings to the surface, natural gas, brackish water, and oil

– What happens to the Gas?

o FMOG currently sells 90% of the gas to The Gas Co to power natural gas vehicles.

o FMOG uses the remaining 10% of the gas to power microturbines at Murphy in order to generate electricity for the site.

FMOG must do something with the gas it may no longer be able to sell. Options include:

– Use ALL OF THE GAS to generate electricity with microturbines. Put electricity that we can all use back into the grid.

– Put the gas back into the Earth through an injection well

– Use the CEB 800 to burn all of the gas that comes out of the wells and waste its energy producing potential.

What will the CEB 800 burner do?

One CEB 800 can burn almost 1 million cubic feet of gas per day.

o Roughly the amount of gas produced each day at the Murphy and e Jefferson sites combined.

o The plan for a possible second CEB 800 in the future is linked to FMOG’s plans to drill more wells at each facility, and the ability to burn the gas from new wells.

1 million cubic feet of gas per day is the amount of gas used by 10,000 houses each day.

o It is enough gas to generate electricity for several theyusand houses.

o FMOG wants the CEB capability to burn all of the gas

o Electricity could be generated for the grid

o Instead, it will all be burned at the Murphy site, turned into exhaust, approximately 70 feet from the St. Andrews Apartments.

Wasting gas; polluting the community

o FMOG’s proposal is an affront to our community and to common sense.

o Nothing is produced by burning the gas in the burner except air pollution and it contributes to global warming

o It will not generate electricity or heat. It won’t be used for hot water, cooking or powering cars/buses

WAHA to Wesson FMOG 150617.pdf

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