Participate in DWP’s Stormwater Capture Master Plan…&utm_campaign=GM%27s+Message%2C+TEDx+LA%2C+Elections%2C+Smoke+Alarms%2C+Time+Change&utm_medium=email

Participate in DWP’s Stormwater Capture Master Plan


Do you have any great ideas on reducing LA’s dependence on imported water by using stormwater capture to increase the local water supply?

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is looking for public support for their Stormwater Capture Master Plan. Stormwater capture involves catching rainfall and runoff from open space and urban lands for direct use or allowing the water to percolate into groundwater basins for future use.

The plan is currently underway and will be completed in mid-2015. Now is the time to think of new strategies to deal with the current drought and inevitable future dry seasons.

Come to the public meeting to learn more and talk with DWP about its Master Plan on March 26 at Los Angeles River Center Atrium, 570 West Ave. 26, Los Angeles, CA 90065 rom 6-8 pm. If you have any questions, contact Rafael Villegas at Rafael.Villegas

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