City HRC Youth Ambassador 2014-2015 Applications…&utm_campaign=GM%27s+Message%2C+TEDx+LA%2C+Elections%2C+Smoke+Alarms%2C+Time+Change&utm_medium=email

City HRC Youth Ambassador 2014-2015 Applications


Know any great youths that are making a difference in their community?

The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission (City HRC) is honored and pleased to announce the 2014-2015 open enrollment for our exclusive and highly competitive, City of Los Angeles HRC Youth Ambassador Program.

The Youth Ambassador (Y.A.) initiative is a year long commitment, it targets high school youth ages 14-17, who are residents of the City of LA. It uses the City of Los Angeles’ government landscape, including the Mayor and City Council, and their resources as a classroom setting to equip each Youth Ambassadors with leadership skill-sets, expertise on the history of the city, and a global perspective on the importance of education, civic-engagement and volunteerism.Upon completion of the one-year commitment Youth Ambassador’s earn a one-week all inclusive trip to Washington D.C., where they will have the opportunity to utilize their newly developed skill sets to represent the City of Los Angeles youth voice, have dialogue with Congressional leaders, meet with White House administration, and tour the National Monuments.

The City HRC promotes equal participation in the civic process through innovative programs.

Check out the details of the application process here.

Interested students must submit their applications by the Friday, April 11, 2014 deadline.

Please share this fantastic opportunity with your youth populations and youth serving organizations. This is the third year of the Y.A. program, and each year we see a significant increase in demand.

Let’s encourage our youth to Lead the Way!

For all FAQ and further inquiries, please direct your calls and emails to Sheldon Cruz at sheldon.cruz.

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