Comprehensive Article On West Adams Oil Sites

Oil sites and drilling near Mid-City have been in the news a lot lately. A concerned stakeholder from UNNC has written a comprehensive article.

See below for more details…


Friends and Neighbors,

Our West Adams community has been concerned, in one case for a number of years, about three oil drilling sites, at least one of which, on 23rd Street in University Park, led to hundreds of complaints of illness from chemical fumes and a lawsuit by our City Attorney. In collaboration with Michael Salman, a UCLA historian who is a concerned stakeholder in the area of the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council, I have researched an article summarizing the events at the three sites, documenting who the owners of these properties are, and reviewing the weak regulatory standards for the urban oil industry in Los Angeles. The article compares the situation within city limits to the far more stringent rules at the giant Inglewood Oil Field in Baldwin Hills/Culver City. There, citizen protest over several years in 2008 won creation of the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District, which has the strictest regulations in the United States. That oil field is today owned by Freeport-McMoRan, the same company that owns the oil sites at Budlong and Jefferson and at Adams and Gramercy. Above all, the Baldwin Hills CSD includes a Citizen Advisory Panel of community organizations and indiduals that is a legal part of the County apparatus to oversee operations at the oil field. As an already established entity it can serve as a model for modernizing Los Angeles’ rules for residential oil wells.

Here for your information is a link to the article. I hope it is helpful.

Leslie Evans
Chair, Blight and Homeless Committee, Southwest LAPD Community Police Advisory Board
President, Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association

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