Open House Planning Forums

The Department of City Planning will be hosting a series of open house-style Regional Forums in March and April. You are invited to stop by anytime during the event to learn about some of the most exciting and current planning initiatives and to share your ideas!

The attached flyer includes the date and location details.


The open house will feature information about the following:

The Mobility Plan 2035, which envisions a new way of moving around the city using its streets for mobility and beyond.
The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, the General Plan’s new Health and Wellness Element, which lays a policy framework to make Los Angeles a healthier place to live, work and play.
re:code LA, a five-year effort to comprehensively update the zoning code and develop an interactive web code format.

• Planning activities for middle- and high-school aged youth to foster civic engagement and greater understanding about urban planning.
• Other planning initiatives local to the event location.


At each Planning Forum, the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles and Mobility Plan 2035 will be hosting a Public Hearing. Drop in anytime during the event and submit your written or verbal comments for the record and for consideration by staff.


Mobility Plan 2035
My La


Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles
Lys Mendez


re:code LA
cleardot.gifDeborah Kahen


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