LADWP’s New Customer Information System

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Update Regarding LADWP’s Replacement of Customer Billing and Information System

On September 2, 2013, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power completed the replacement of its 39-year old Customer Information System (CIS) after over three years of planning and development.

LADWP’s CIS is a platform that touches nearly every aspect of utility operations, including customer service, meter reading and billing. It is the heart of our customer service system and used during each customer interaction by phone or online. The replacement system is the industry standard and will allow LADWP to improve its customer experience over time. Overall, transition to the new system has gone very well. It is performing as expected. However, any time an information system of this size and scope is replaced, issues will arise and need to be addressed as the system is implemented and stabilized. The bulk of these issues will surface and be addressed in the first customer billing cycle – approximately 60 days – after the system goes “live.”

Today, still in that 60-day window, the system is performing well and significant progress with CIS stabilization has been made. However, some of our customers have experienced delayed bills and late notices, and incorrectly estimated bills, which has led to periods of excessively long and unacceptable hold times when our customers have called to report a problem or ask a question regarding their account. In addition, some commercial and residential solar customers and large summary bill customers have experienced problems with their bills.

LADWP is fully committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible. As the system stabilizes over time, we expect the number of issues and customers affected by them to be reduced and ultimately eliminated. For those customers who have experienced exceptionally long hold times, or who have received an incorrect bill, we offer our sincere apologies.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve issues that have resulted in our not meeting the highest service standards for every customer. We will continue to provide periodic updates to our customers and stakeholders over the coming weeks as the system continues to stabilize.

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