Operation Neighborhood Blitz Is Coming To MINC – Pothole Lottery On 10/14!

Got Potholes?

Do you know of a bad pothole that is in severe need of fixing somewhere in the MINC area? Then, you’ll be interested in Operation Neighborhood Blitz! This is a program set up by Mayor Eric Garcetti – where each Neighborhood Council gets the use of a 2-man Street Services team for a day – to go around and fix potholes in the area – as many as they can do in one day (roughly about 8 of them).

MINC will be holding a POTHOLE LOTTERY to decide which potholes in the region get fixed on our assigned day – November 5th.

So, come to the next MINC Stakeholder Meeting (Monday, October 14th @ 7PM) to participate in the POTHOLE LOTTERY! Entries will be drawn at the meeting – and you must be present during the drawing to have your pothole qualify to be chosen. You can email potholes to register your pothole ahead of time (but you still must be present to qualify) – or just show up at the meeting and put in your entry at that time.

More information is available at mincla.org/potholes.


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