The Big Draw LA

Do you like to draw? Then you should check out The Big Draw LA.

Quick background: The Big Draw LA is a month-long audience participatory drawing initiative that spans the region and the globe, presented by Ryman Arts, a Los-Angeles based arts education organization for high school students, in Los Angeles for the fourth year. The Big Draw LA creates opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover that drawing can enhance how they see, think, and invent. They plan on engaging the general public in art making across Southern California at both traditional and non-traditional venues (eg museums, restaurants, libraries, coffee shops). Organizations already planning a 2013 Big Draw LA event include the Skirball Cultural Center, E.V.E. Studio, The Fowler Museum at UCLA, The Gallery Girls, 1450 Ocean, local libraries, and many more groups in addition to Ryman Arts. This is the fourth year for The Big Draw LA, and they are planning on expanding the project this year to Orange County in addition to Los Angeles. They’re hoping to garner much excitement about the drawing campaign, in which they have a two-year grant from The James Irvine Foundation.

Ryman Arts is currently reaching out to local businesses, partners, and establishments to have them register their October drawing events.. This is a free opportunity for them to engage the community through public participatory drawing events during the month of October. They will promote and publicize registered events. Now is the time to register events for free at and have the company name’s included in our next press release.

If interested, contact Justin McInteer at the information below.

Justin McInteer
Project Coordinator
The Big Draw LA


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