Bank of America Homeowner Assistance Event

Bank of America is committed to helping our customers remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure whenever possible. To that end, Bank of America will be in Los Angeles from Tuesday, July 23 – Thursday, July 25 to host a homeowner assistance event for our customers in the area.

This event will provide customers with a forum to meet with a Bank of America specialist who will review their file, discuss and provide counsel on options – such as a loan modification – to avoid foreclosure, and help them onto a path toward a solution. Specialists will be available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. each day and parking is complimentary. You are invited to come down to the event to see firsthand the assistance being offered and learn more about the services available to customers in the area.

The bank has invited more than 6,500 customers within 75 miles of the Los Angeles area to come and seek personal assistance. If you are aware of anyone who is a Bank of America mortgage customer and would benefit from speaking to one of our specialists, please encourage them to attend the event by scheduling an appointment at or calling 1.855.201.7426. The on-site specialists and housing counselors speak English and Spanish. Details around the event are included below and a flyer is attached with an important document checklist for customers to review prior to coming to an event.

Los Angeles, CA Homeowner Assistance Event

Tuesday, July 23 – Thursday, July 25

Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown

711 S Hope St.

Los Angeles, CA 90017

LA Flyer_Sp.pdf

LA Flyer.pdf

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