Upcoming HPOZ Block Meetings


The WSIA will be hosting a series of informational block meetings regarding HPOZ in Wellington Square in July 2013.

For over a year now, the WSIA has been involved in a concentrated outreach effort to inform, discover, and discuss the idea of setting up an HPOZ in Wellington Square. No formal plans have been made. The first step is just finding out all of the details as to what it would mean, and getting a sense as to whether this is something the neighborhood is interested in pursuing.

As part of these efforts, there will be four meetings (one for each block) held for residents to find out more information. You might have attended one of our other meetings in the past, and there will not necessarily be new information presented here. It’s more just another opportunity to connect with as many people in the Square as possible about HPOZ, so that everyone can make an informed decision.

The meeting dates & times are as follows:

Saturday, July 20th @ 10:00AM – Victoria Ave. HPOZ Meeting
Location: The home of Mindy & Tristan Nyby, 2106 S. Victoria Ave.

Saturday, July 20th @ 3:00PM – Buckingham Rd. HPOZ Meeting
Location: The home of Fred & Joanna Jackson, 2208 Buckingham Rd.

Saturday, July 27th @ 9:00AM – Wellington Rd. HPOZ Meeting
Location: The home of Lauretta Carroll, 1962 Wellington Rd.

Saturday, July 27th @ 2:00PM – Virginia Rd. HPOZ Meeting
Location: The home of Ptolemy & Shelly Slocum, 1927 Virginia Rd.

We will be inviting speakers from other HPOZ’s, and professionals (such as architects and real estate agents) to answer questions.

You are welcome to attend any and all meetings that work for your schedule – you need not attend your block’s meeting specifically. We hope you can join us for one of these important meetings.

HPOZ Block Meetings Flyer

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