LADWP Customer Telephone and Email Surveys

The LADWP is currently conducting customer telephone and email surveys.  This is part of a study to better understand customers’ relationship with LADWP.  The following is the information regarding the survey.

 DURATION:  2/12/13 – 3/1 /13.   Customers will be contacted over the next three weeks.

WHO IS CALLING/EMAILING:  Interview Services of America,  and RKS Consulting are performing the surveys on behalf of the LADWP.

METHOD OF CONTACT:   eMail and Telephone only.  No in-person surveys will be conducted.  No one will conduct the survey at the customer’s home or business, and the customer will not be asked to go anywhere to take the survey.
CUSTOMER TYPES:  Residential and commercial customers.

TYPE OF REQUEST:   Opinions and preferences.  They will NOT be asking for any personal identification information, such as:  Social Security Number, Account Number, Driver’s License, or Financial Information.

INCENTIVES / FEES:  There are no incentives provided, or fees charged, for participating in the survey.

LADWP INFORMATION:  The firm conducting the survey will not answer any LADWP questions or comment on any matter related to the customer’s account. 

 If you need any additional information, please contact:

Victoria Cross
Government & Neighborhood Relations Liaison
111 North Hope Street, Room 1531
Los Angeles, CA 90012 

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