Want Trader Joe’s & Nike Town In Your Neighborhood? Then Voice Your Support Now!

There’s often a lot of talk in our community about a lack of quality stores to shop at locally.  Trader Joe’s is often at the top of that list.  Well, apparently, Trader Joe’s and Nike Town are interested in putting in a store at the new development going in on Crenshaw.  But we as a community, need to let them know that we want them.  

If this is something that you find yourself often saying – then now is the time.  Write in a letter of support for both of these stores (separately) ASAP!  They’re interested, so let them know how much we want them to come in here.

Here’s all you need to do:
  1. Write two simple, short letters or emails (one for each store) saying how much you’re in favor of the store in our area.
  2. Address them both to the address below.
  3. Put an attention line to each store (i.e., “Attention: Trader Joe’s” or “Attention: Nike Town”)
  4. Email or mail the letter to CD-10 as soon as possible.
Please take the time to write each of these letters – it will only take you a few minutes, and it can really make a big difference for our community in terms of the quality of stores we have available in our neighborhood.

The letters can be emailed to Sylvia Lacy at Sylvia.Lacy@lacity.org or mailed to Council District 10, 1819 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90006.

For more details, please see the notice from CD-10 below.

Begin forwarded message:

Trader Joe’s and Nike Town have approached the Council Office with interest in locating at District Square (Crenshaw and Rodeo; where Ralph’s is located)  This entire site is going to be redeveloped; Rodeo to Starbuck’s; Crenshaw to the alley. 

Since they have shown interest, we want to show them we are interested. We would like letters, emails from community groups and individual residents that express support for these two stores.  

Please make the support for Trader Joe’s and/or Nike Town in separate emails or letters so that we can pass them on to the correct entity. 

Thank you so much.  

Pass this along to all on your list and we would like to have them within a week to 10 days. Thanks again. 

Sylvia Lacy
District Office Director, Council District 10

President, Los Angeles City Council 
1819 S. Western Avenue   90006
Phone: 323-733-8233   Fax: 323-733-5833
Visit CD 10’s  Website  www.lacity.org/council/cd10/

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