LANI-Maintenance Matching Fund Workshop I

LANI, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, a local non-profit, is offering matching grants to anyone in the community who has a neighborhood improvement/beautification/maintenance project they would like to do in their community.  If you have an idea for making Mid-City a better place to live and work, please consider attending their September 19th workshop and apply for your own matching grant.  (LANI is the entity that found funds to design and build our the pocket park on Normandie and Cordova, between Washington and the 10 Freeway.)

Examples of eligible projects include:
– Cleaning/painting of defaced public city property (street lights, bus shelters, etc.)
– Monument installation, cleanup, and repair (our wonderful granite monuments)
– Graffiti cleanup/paint out
– Landscape installation/cleanup/trimming
– Sidewalk steam cleaning
– Street tree and tree grate maintenance
– Tree watering

Talk with friends and neighbors and find a project you think would make an impact on Mid-City.  Let’s do something!  See the note from LANI below.


Hello All:

 Just a quick reminder that we’ll be holding an informational LANI-MMF grant workshop this Thursday, August 23rd, from 5 – 6 p.m. at the LANI office. A second, identical workshop will be held in September.
The purpose of the workshop is to review the grant application and process with the goal of answering key questions of those considering applying for this opportunity.
The workshop is not required and questions can be asked at any point prior to the submittal deadline.

 Important dates for this grant cycle include:

 LANI-MMF Workshop I –            August 23, 2012
LANI-MMF Workshop II –           September 19, 2012
Applications Due –                  October 29, 2012
Award Notification –               November 30, 2012
Project Completion –               September 30, 2013

 Many thanks,

Rebecca Draper
Director of Neighborhood Improvement Projects
Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative
800 Figueroa St., Suite 970
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 627-1822 ext. 16
(213) 627-1821 fax 
“Rebuilding Neighborhoods One Block At A Time” 


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