Call for Nominations for the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners’ EmpowerLA Awards!

Do you feel MINC is deserving of a nomination for the EmpowerLA Awards?

If so, submit your nomination via the link below – it only takes a minute.

Call for Nominations for the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners’ EmpowerLA Awards!


It’s been ten years since the first Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles were founded and began pursuing their mission to promote more citizen participation in government, and make government more responsive to local needs. Through a decade of political, economic and social challenges the Neighborhood Council system grew and flourished. Today, 95 Neighborhood Councils represent every corner of City of Los Angeles. From the Eastside to the Westside, up in the San Fernando Valley and down to the Harbor, and everywhere in between, Neighborhood Councils are integral parts of the local communities that make the sum of the City of Los Angeles great.

To commemorate ten years of engaging and empowering local communities, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (the Commission) has established the EmpowerLA Awards. The EmpowerLA Awards will be given each year to those certified Neighborhood Councils that best achieve their mission to engage their local stakeholders with government and make their government more accountable and responsive to the needs of their communities. The EmpowerLA Awards are intended to highlight the highest ideals of inclusiveness, non‐discrimination, transparency, and independence for the Neighborhood Council system. Through the EmpowerLA Awards, the Commission hopes to encourage Neighborhood Councils to be continually elevating their goals and improving their effectiveness for the coming decades.

Is there a Neighborhood Council that has done an outstanding job of engaging community members from the broad range of constituencies in their area through a very effective outreach campaign? What about one that has shown stellar leadership in addressing a major community issue such as challenging a development project not supported by the community or reversing a pending city department policy that could negatively impact residents? Or has a Neighborhood Council in your region been responsible for planning a community event that brings locals together from every segment of the neighborhood, linking them with the Neighborhood Council and increasing civic engagement? Consider these examples not as a specific categories, but as inspiration as you evaluate the Neighborhood Councils in your region.

The Commission will accept nominations for EmpowerLA Awards until August 31, 2012. Go to to submit nominations. Winners will receive their awards at the annual Citywide Congress of Neighborhood Councils on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

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