West Blvd. Bridge Hearing – TOMORROW – Please Attend Or Write In For Support

There is a meeting downtown tomorrow (Thursday) for the West Blvd. Bridge, which MINC and WAHA are trying to get it declared a historical landmark, and therefore protected to a large degree. Please see the attached document.

 If you can attend, please do so – otherwise there is an email address at the bottom of this message that you may write to as well.  The more people that write in and show support – the better.

(The bridge is over Venice Blvd near Lowes.)

Please see the message below from WAHA President, John Patterson.

—– Forwarded Message ——

From: President – West Adams Heritage 
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 12:49 PM
Subject: West Bridge CH Commission Hearing on Thursday

 I’m pleased to let you know that the Cultural Heritage Commission will be hearing WAHA’s submission written by Mitzi Mogul on the West Bridge nomination on Thursday, 8/2 at 10:00 a.m. on the 10th floor hearing room of City Hall. 

 It would be very helpful to actively solicited interested members of the neighborhood to attend this meeting to show community support for the nomination.  Please be sure to distribute an announcement to your general MINC mailing lists.   Please find below some notes provided by Mitzi that offer a few suggestions for either the email itself and/or comments that people might be able to share during the public comment portion of the hearing, or in letters that could be emailed to Lambert Giessinger at the Cultural Heritage Commission.

 Thanks for help in getting the word out!!

 John Patterson

 The following are suggestions for comments to be made to the Cultural Heritage Commission at the hearing on August 2, 2012 . Feel free to use your own words to express these thoughts or add your own personal feelings. The purpose of the hearing is for the Commission to decide whether to take the nominations “under consideration” — the first step in the process.  Community support is crucial.


 1. The bridge is the direct result of a significant event (Great Train Wreck of 1913) and changed the course of urban development and transportation patterns. The current bridge was constructed in 1933.

 2.  It is an iconic landmark marking the western entry to the West Adams district.

 3.  While the train made possible the creation of new neighborhoods, the bridge directly facilitated their success.

 4.  This bridge was designed and built to accommodate trains, automobiles, and pedestrians.

 5.  The Art Deco design is elegant and complete in its integrity. The use of the Art Deco style demonstrates civic maturity in public works (as opposed to private structures, ie office buildings, theaters, homes, etc.).

 6.   It is one of only two bridges of this type on the “west side” (the other is Main Street in Santa Monica over the freeway) and therefore also represents an era when various modes of transportation were in harmony with architectural design and engineering improvements. (By “type” we mean not over water and not simply a single-use bridge, ie footbridge, auto, or train.)

Attached are some bullet points for the two nominations before the Cultural Heritage Commission on Thursday. 

In lieu of attendance, letters of support can be sent by email to Lambert.Giessinger@lacity.org, attention Cultural Heritage Commission.

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