C3 Museum Day Needs Chaperons

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Pacific Region, South District, Saint Andrews Park  St. Andrews Recreation center.

Youth Museum Day Tour 2012

Los Angeles, CA  2012- C3 Foundation and Pressline Entertainment will host the Youth Museum Day Tour 2012,  “Observing Culture, History and Science in our Community and Around the World”. C3 Foundation will pick up participants from Saint Andrews Park -8701 Saint Andrews Place. Los Angeles CA, 90047 , This day of cultural enrichment will take place Tuesday August 28, 2012 from 8:00 A.M.-4:30P.M.

The mission to expose today’s youth to the culture and history of Los Angeles museums; Providing the leaders of tomorrow the opportunity to become exposed to their history. The C3 Foundation believes, “through helping a child understand his/her past, you set the foundation in assisting them in building their future.

Derek Haskell and his team at the C3 Foundation seek to educate, motivate, and encourage today’s youth to engage self determination and learning to effectively understanding their cultural history to help create positive change in their communities, before they enter the "working world".

The Youth Museum Day Tour 2012 will provide young people the chance explore four of Los Angeles’ world renown museums in one day.    

Museum Tours starts at Gallery 4319, located at 4319 Leimert Park Blvd, Los Angeles CA. 90008. located in the Leimert Park Community, were youth will be provided continental breakfast. Following Gallery 4319, the bus will depart to the California African American Museum (CAAM), located in Exposition Park. Following CAAM museum visit, youth will be provided lunch. After lunch the youth will then be taken to the California Science Center. Lastly, Youth will be escorted to the Natural History Museum. Participants will then be returned to the Leimert Park Village to conclude the day’s events.     

There is non-refundable fee of $20 per participant to cover the day’s activities.
The Youth Museum Day is another chapter in the C3 Foundation’s effort to serve the community. According to its Founder and Executive Director, Derek Haskell, “how we teach and engage our young people says everything about who we are as a society.”

The C3 Foundation’s mission is to serve as a centralized hub for transparent-economic based on philanthropic giving to the underprivileged and underrepresented communities, both nationally and internationally.

Program Director:  Derek Haskell 323-596-5177 or 1c3community@gmail.com

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