Latest E-Police Newsletter – From SLO Jolla re: Wellington Square Neighbors Watching Out

Hello All,
I received a call from our neighbor on Buckingham Rd. who informed me that he had noticed a suspicious looking couple cruising the streets in their neighborhood. It appeared the couple was casing the neighborhood and was possibly planning a burglary. The one neighbor who initially observed the suspicious looking couple, kept an eye on them while he notified his neighbors. The neighbors started keeping an eye on the couple and before long, several people who live on the street was keeping their eyes on the couple. This must have made the couple feel uncomfortable because they left the area without committing a crime.

That is how a Neighborhood Watch is supposed to work, citizens looking out for each other and their neighborhood and keeping each other safe. Every street and every neighborhood should have a Neighborhood Watch and get together at least once every three to four months (once a month is even better). It’s easy to start a Neighborhood Watch, just call me and we will get started.

National Night Out Against Crime is 08/07/12. This is an annual event where communities throughout the United States come together and plan events to show their unity against crime. Most communities plan a march (or a walk) around their neighborhood and hand out crime prevention tip flyers, some plan a block party for the day and others plan a carnival for the community. The National Night Out event can be as big or as small as you make it. It’s also a good time to start your Neighborhood Watch meetings.  If you are interested in starting your Neighborhood Watch Group, please call me so we can get started.

The Wilshire Carnival is this weekend, June 29 through July 1. The carnival will be located in front of Wilshire Police Station (4861 W. Venice Blvd). The carnival hours are: Friday, June 29 – 5 PM to 11 PM – Saturday and Sunday, 1 PM to 11 PM. Pre-sale tickets for the rides are 50% off the regular price and the last day for the pre-sale tickets is 06/28/12. You can purchase your pre-sale tickets at the front desk at Wilshire Station or contact Wilshire Division Community Relations Office at (213) 473-0200.

Below is the crime update for the week of 06/17/12 through 06/23/12.

1. Crime occurred on 6/17/12 at 11:50 AM in the 1600 block of S. Victoria Ave. (single family dwelling). Suspect information: No suspect data. Property taken: Unknown
2. Crime occurred on 06/21/12 at 5:35 PM at the single family dwelling located on the corner of Pickford St. and Washington Blvd. Suspect Information: No suspect data. Property taken: Unknown

1. Crime occurred on 06/20/12 at 10:00 AM. Vehicle was parked on the parking lot in the 4800 block of W. 17th St. Suspect Information: No suspect data. Property taken: Unknown
2. Crime occurred on 06/21/12 at 5:00 PM. Vehicle was parked on the street in the 1700 block of S. Rimpau Blvd. Suspect Information: No suspect data. Property taken: Camera and radio

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