Region 5 Working To Become Next Named Area in MINC

At last month’s MINC Stakeholder Meeting, we learned of the attempt to name the neighborhood that is Region 5 in MINC to West View Highlands.  The naming campaign is being spearheaded by Region 5 stakeholder Jess Bravo, who is also a real estate agent in the area.

As Jess explains:  “I came up with this name while doing a ‘farm’ in the area.  During research of properties, I came across the city’s map through Zimas. The only Tract that had a name (not a number) was West View St.  With that, I thought what a great name for a neighborhood, considering we are facing West and some houses have a view of the west side.  Also during a conversation with a friend, she suggested using Highlands, since we are on high land.  So that’s how I got to this point.  Now I am at the beginning stages per the City’s requirements.”  It also follows with the naming of several other neighborhoods in the area – most notably Longview Highlands, which is along the same basic tract, just further north in the City.

Currently, there are three named areas within MINC – Victoria Park, Lafayette Square, and Wellington Square – all of which were named in the City when they were originally developed almost 100 years ago.  But in more recent times, other neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles, have taken steps to have their neighborhood named.  There is a process for doing so, which has been laid out by the City.  The first step in the process is obtaining signatures on a petition from residents within the named region.

Jess is currently working to obtain 500 signatures from within the Region 5 boundaries.  Those boundaries are as follows:

North: south side of Washington Blvd.
West: both sides of West Blvd.
South: 10 Freeway wall
East: east side of La Brea Ave.

If you leave in Region 5, you might have already encountered Jess or her volunteers knocking on your door.  But if you’d like more information, or would like to contact Jess to support her efforts, she can be reached at the information below:

Jess Bravo 
(213) 400-4735 

And if any other neighborhoods in the MINC area would like to take up efforts to do the same thing with you region, feel free to contact MINC President, Allan DiCastro, and he can fill you in on what is needed, and the steps you’ll need to undertake to begin.

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