Dog License Amnesty Countdown – Only 5 Days Left


Dog License Amnesty Countdown — Only 5 days left to avoid penalties!
If you have a dog that is not licensed or who has an expired license, you can visit one of the six shelters near you, get a new license, or renew on line at:
License Fees:
Spayed or neutered: $20 and proof of rabies vaccination.
Not spayed or neutered (if qualified): $100 plus breeder’s fee of $235.

Do not delay. Avoid penalties and get your dog a license TODAY!

A license protects your dog if he/she accidentally gets out and gets lost.License tags give you the peace of mind to know that Los Angeles Animal Services will be able to reunite you with your pet if she/he is turned in by a Good Samaritan or is picked up by one of our officers.It is not only a great safety net for your dog, it is the law.

A license helps other pets too. $7 out of every $20 license and $2 out of every $100 license goes into the Spay/Neuter Trust fund to help insure that everyone can get his or her dog or cat spayed or neutered. The number of cat, kittens, dogs and puppies coming into our shelters is on the rise.  Spay and neuter is the safe and humane way to stop it.  Please help the animals by getting your dogs and cats “fixed” and by telling your friends too.

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