LA City Sidewalks

A letter written to MINC – regarding sidewalk repair – we were asked to distribute.

Begin forwarded message:

Dear Neighborhood Council Leader,

I am Joey Lewis, Director, Member & Community Relations for Southland Regional Association of REALTORS® (SRAR). I am writing to you today with an update regarding the broken sidewalks within the City of Los Angeles due to tree roots and the City’s proposed switch in responsibility.


As of today, the proposal to switch the responsibility to the individual homeowner is still on the table. While “Point-of-Sale” (a property with a broken sidewalk cannot be sold until the sidewalk is repaired) appears to be off the books, the following options are now being considered by the City:

  1. “Point-of-Service” – meaning when a new tenant or property owner moves into a property with a sidewalk in need of repair, their utilities will not be turned on until the sidewalk has been repaired.
  2. “Point-of-Permit” – meaning when a homeowner with a broken sidewalk applies for a permit to do home updates of $20,000 or more, the permit will be denied until the sidewalk is repaired.
  3. Citywide bond measures, which is where property owners would approve to increase their property taxes to fund sidewalk repairs.
  4. Assessment district(s), which is where property owners within the City can form an assessment district to repair their sidewalks using the procedures in the State Streets and Highways Code.


We have launched a special website dedicated completely to LA City Sidewalk Repairs – Please continually check this website for updates.

Also, we would like to have photos and stories from individuals with sidewalks in front of their property or in their neighborhoods that are in need of repair. We would like to include these stories on the website.


As part of their proposed plan, the City has instructed the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) to conduct outreach efforts with Neighborhood Councils within the City of Los Angeles to ask for feedback on the sidewalk issue. This outreach effort is to be done by the BSS and reported back to the City within 120 days (as of January 30, 2012).

***Please let us know if your Neighborhood Council has been contacted by the BSS to join one of your meetings as part of their outreach efforts.***


As part of our ongoing commitment to this issue, we at SRAR would also like to come to your Neighborhood Council meeting to conduct our own outreach efforts. Our Governmental Affairs Director, Mr. Mel Wilson, and I, have been following this issue for several years now, and would like to hear directly from the various Neighborhood Councils in our area.

If you would like to have a representative from SRAR come to your next Neighborhood Council meeting, please email me at with the possible dates and location of your meeting, along with your contact information. I will then follow up with you directly to confirm.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. We hope you find this information helpful and meaningful.

If you no longer wish to receive emails regarding the LA City Sidewalks, please respond with “STOP” in the subject line and you will be removed from our list.


Joey Lewis
Director, Member & Community Relations
Southland Regional Association of REALTORS
7232 Balboa Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91406
Office: 818.947.2256
Fax: 818.786.4541

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