Upcoming Public Hearings on MTA Proposed June 2012 Service

Metro will be conducting public hearings throughout Los Angeles County during the first two weeks of February to receive public input on proposed service changes that, if approved, would go into effect on  June 17, 2012, or later.  The hearings are being held by each of Metro’s regional Governance Councils.

 You can click on this link to view the public hearing notice, which provides details about the proposed service changes, as well as information on the dates, times and locations for next month’s public hearings.  Public notice for the hearings and proposed changes has been published in various publications throughout L.A. County .  In addition, the public is being notified about these proposed changes and public hearings through the issuance of a press release, posting information on our website, placing rider notices on our buses, and sending letters and e-mails to key stakeholders representing cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County .

 Service Councils will vote on proposed changes for bus lines operating in their region at their March meetings, after considering input received from our customers and stakeholders.  The changes will be also be reviewed by the Metro Board of Directors.

 If you have any questions, or would like more information on these proposed changes or public hearings, please contact  John Hillmer at 213-922-6972 or at hillmerj@metro.net.

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