Golden State Mutual Open House – October 22nd


See the Historic Murals

Open House | October 22, 2011 | Noon – 3pm
Golden State Mutual | 1999 West Adams Blvd.

Tourgoers will be visiting the iconic Golden State Mutual Life Insurance building, designed by architect Paul Williams in 1947 for 

the first African American-owned insurance company established west of the Mississippi. The Late Moderne building with its notable integrated murals by artists Charles Alston and Hale Woodruff was recently designated HCM 1000, Los Angeles’ newest Historic Cultural Monument. The murals are endangered, threatened with removal. 

This might be the public’s last chance to view them. The open house is spearheaded by WAHA’s long-running efforts of preservation advocacy.

This opportunity to view the historic murals that grace the lobby is hosted by WAHA in collaboration with the California African American Museum, Los Angeles Conservancy, and Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. 

Tourgoers will also receive a copy of WAHA’s most recent publication, West Adams’ Landmarks of African American History.

Advance Tickets Are $15.00 
And Available

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