Street Lighting Copper Wire Theft!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: SoRo Announcements
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 9:01 PM
Subject: Street Lighting Copper Wire Theft!


Reynier Village – – Last Wednesday at 4:20 a.m. thieves broke into the electrical boxes of City street lights on David Avenue and stole all the copper wires.

One savvy resident took video of the event and turned it over to the Commercial Crime Division of the LAPD.

The next night, FIVE (5) residential streets went completely dark for at least four nights. Some streets still do not have power yet although the Bureau of Street Lighting is working diligently to restore the wires for all streets affected.

The streets that went dark were:
David Avenue
24th Street
25th Street
Beverlywood Street
Gibson Street(between Robertson & Shenandoah)

We received a report this afternoon that parts of Halm may also be affected.
BE ON THE LOOKOUT for copper wire thieves. If you see anyone tampering with the street lights before 8 am and after 3 pm, CALL THE POLICE, they will not be city workers! TRY TO GET A LICENSE PLATE NUMBER; AND PHOTOGRAPHS; FOR YOUR SAFETY, DO NOT CONFRONT THESE PEOPLE. The copper wires are located below the sidewalk in a box next to the street light. City workers, after repairs, are now using an epoxy to seal the boxes. IF YOUR STREET LIGHTS GO OUT, CALL 3-1-1 OR STREET LIGHTING DIVISION AT 323-913-4744 or fill in a request for service at

ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO SOUTH ROBERTSON NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL SAFETY COMMITTEE to; and let your council office know about this problem. And of course contact the LAPD if you have witnessed anything!

The Bureau of Street Lighting has indicated area wide outages “as a direct result of the escalating wire theft epidemic.”

They will attempt to make repairs in a timely manner but please be patient.

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