WSIA Square Party – Recipes, Thank You’s, & Pics

A great time was had by all!

The Square Party Committee (Denise Cusano, Sylvia Lacy, Rudy Streitz, and myself) would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the WSIA Square Party BBQ & Chili Cookoff.  About 150 were in attendance – and from the feedback we’ve gotten so far, the event was definitely a success.  Our local police and fire officials were on hand to enjoy in the festivities – and they have already suggested that next year they’d like to enter the chili cookoff themselves! 

Speaking of which – congratulations goes out to Fabian Wesson for her fantastic turkey chili which took home the top prize.  Thanks so much to our “celebrity” judges – MINC President Allan DiCastro, WAHA President John Patterson, and CD10 Councilmember Herb Wesson – who all applied their culinary expertise and refined taste buds to vote on this years contest entries.

The food was truly delicious – with the meat (or in some cases “meat” for the vegetarians) provided by the WSIA – and side dishes, paper goods, drinks, and desserts provided by the residents.  There were so many yummy things to eat!  It’s been requested that we share the recipes from this year’s party – and post them online.  So if you’d like to share your recipe with those in the Square, just head on over to our Yahoo! Group where you can enter the recipe online –  I’ve already kicked it off by adding the recipes for the two Gooey Butter Cakes that I brought to the potluck.

And lastly, we’d like to give a special thanks to some of our residents who really supported us so much in putting together this party.  We truly could not have done it without you!

Potluck Coordinators:
Librada Hernandez
Nick Kasparek

Block Coordinators:
Lora Davis
Kym Foley
Ptolemy Slocum
Hatsey Egziabher

Willette Lever – you really outdid yourself – those goldfish prizes were awesome (the looks on the kids faces were priceless)!

Party Setup, Running, & Cleanup: 
(I know I may not have everyone – but this is at least a list of those who signed-up to help)

Fabian Wesson 

Cheryl Teetzel-Moore
Skip Moore
Steve Davis 
Oliver Talbert
Andy Miller
Lore Hilburg 
Greg Brown 
Zainab Austin
Jim Downey 
Georgia Toliver 
Ted Sims 
Mary Power 
Cheryl Franklin 
Ella Franklin
Carl Brame
Leroy Batiste
Tene Harris Duckworth
Anne Block 
Wendy Dallas
…and everyone else who lended a hand, or helped us put stuff away at the end of the party!

Lisa & Steven Vasquez 
Sue Strickland & Shelley Cooper
Eric & Kim Bowers
Georgia Brown


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