Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit: Staff Report Now Available


Wilshire BRT: Staff Report Now Available
Metro has posted the Board Report containing staff recommendations for the Final Revised Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) EIR/EA.
Both the Los Angeles City Council and the Metro Board of Directors need to take action on the Wilshire BRT. Los Angeles City Council actions have not been scheduled.However, the Metro Board will consider acting on this report at their upcoming meetings scheduled as follows:
• Planning and Programming Committee, 1 PM, Wednesday, May 18, 2011
• Board of Directors, 9 AM, Thursday, May 26, 2011
These meetings will take place in the Board Room at Metro Headquarters, located at One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012. You may attend these meetings to provide verbal comments, which are usually limited to one minute per speaker.
Written comments on the Revised Final EIR/EA must be received (or postmarked if sending by U.S. Mail) by May 23, 2011. You can send your comments using any of the following methods: 
• U.S. Mail: Martha Butler, Project Manager, Metro, One Gateway Plaza MS 99-
   23-1, Los Angeles, CA 90012   
• email to wilshirebrt@metro.net 
• Visit www.metro.net/wilshire and go to “Contact Us”
Thank you for your interest in the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit EIR/EA study.
Wilshire BRT Project Team

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