MINC Opportunities For You To Participate in May 2011!



***********Please distribute this info out*************************

The month of May has the following MINC meeting schedule which includes our Committee meeting dates. 

(TBD = to be determined)

Here is May 2011 mapped out for you…

Monday, May 9 – Stakeholder meeting

Tuesday, TBD  – Budget Committee meeting

Wednesday, May 11 – MINC Bylaws Committee meeting

Thursday, May 12 – Planning & Land Use Committee (PLUM)

Monday, May 16 – Board Meeting

Saturday, TBD  – Design Advisory Committee (DAC)

Saturday, TBD – Outreach Committee

Saturday, TBD – WA Blvd Committee (W_CEDC)

All weekday meetings are held in the Community room of Wilshire-LAPD located at 4849 Venice Blvd starting at 7pm. And there is plenty of parking next to the Broadway Federal Bank building.

All the Saturday meetings are held in same place; however they start at 10am.

No meeting goes more than 2 hours and you may arrive late or leave early from any meeting. (Some committee meetings do go less than 2 hours!)

All meetings are open to the public.

For further info or to request a courtesy email reminder OR to be notified of changes one may contact the meeting chair (who runs meeting) as follows:


Outreach Committee meeting – earroyo@sfcity.org 

MINC Bylaws Committee meeting – vpgory@sbcglobal.net 

Stakeholder meeting – allanminc@yahoo.com 

Budget Committee meeting – allanminc@yahoo.com 

PLUM Committee meeting – midcitybruce@yahoo.com 

Board Meeting – allanminc@yahoo.com 

Design Advisory Committee (DAC) – caryatid8@sbcglobal.net 

WA Blvd Committee (W_CEDC) – mattiecane@gmail.com 


***********Please distribute this info out*************************

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