Will You Sponsor a Student?

New LA Charter School
New Los Angeles Charter School develops a diverse community of students who are passionate
about learning, engaged in the community, and have respect for themselves and others.

December 15. 2010


On behalf of the entire New Los Angeles Charter School community, I am very pleased to thank you for your past support.  In lieu of our usual year-end campaign for general support, we are reaching out to our friends to ask you to Sponsor A Student in our Creative Expressions Arts Program.

 why our students NEED this program

New LA has partnered with an amazing organization, the Virginia Avenue Project, to provide one-on-one Arts mentoring to help children think creatively, critically, and confidently about what they want to do with their lives.  We believe that reaching out to students through the arts will give students the kind of positive experience that will help them succeed in school and life.

what the program LOOKS like

6th Grade: Creative Expression 1 – through a variety of mediums – paint, collage, clay, papier mache – children are given the opportunity to express themselves in new and creative ways in an ever more visual world.  The work the children create is put on display at a special culmination event at the end of the school year.

7th Grade: Creative Expression 2 – basic acting techniques including theatre games, mime, improvisation, movement, story telling – designed to build self confidence; physical, vocal, and emotional communication skills; discipline, respect, and courage.

8th Grade: Creative Expression 3 – advanced acting classes and a deeper journey into the writing, story telling, and character development process – followed by the adaptation of a novel selected by the students. The culmination piece will be written and performed by the eighth graders with the support of class mentors on stage and off and presented to families, peers, and the general public.

how you can HELP

With an already stretched budget, we cannot fully implement this program without significant support from private donors.  Therefore, the Board and staff are reaching out to friends of the New LA community to ask that you Sponsor a Student for $250, representing the per student cost of the Creative Expressions program.

By sponsoring a student, you will ensure that each student will be able to participate in this groundbreaking arts experience.  With this special program, we are confident that we will connect to our struggling learners, and that it will help them succeed!

If you cannot support the program at this level, please know that ANY contribution will help to bring us one step closer to fully implementing this crucial initiative. We hope you will consider a gift of $100 at this time.

Please make a fully tax-deductible and greatly appreciated donation online at www.newlosangeles.org/donations or send a check to:

New Los Angeles Charter School
1919 S. Burnside Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90016


Should you wish, we would be glad to provide you with some information and periodic progress reports on the student whose participation in the program you’ve made possible.


Matt Albert
Executive Director

about NEW LA

New LA Charter School is a free public middle school in the mid-city neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Serving 300 students in grades 6-8., New LA ‘s test scores have ranked among the top of all LAUSD middle schools.  Nearly 60% of our students qualify for free lunch.

New LA’s Diversity:

  • 45% African American
  • 33% Latino
  • 17% White
  • 5% Asian

To learn more anout us, visit www.newlosangeles.org

main stairs
8th graders

Earn Money for New LA by Shopping at the Grove!

Until December 24, shop at any store or restaurant at the Grove or the Americana and help earn a donation for our school.  5% of purchases will be donated to us!  It’s Easy: Just take your receipts to Concierge Services and say you support New LA!

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