Crenshaw Community Garden Day – Next Sunday 11/28

Greetings!  Inviting our supporters of all ages to join us for a Garden Day on Sunday November 28th at 2pm in the Crenshaw Community Garden.  The garden is located at 1423 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019.  Bring out the youth to drum, garden, create and discover their gifts.  Come find out how you can make a difference in the lives of at risk youth here in our community and around the world.   
Crenshaw Community Garden makes the Top 10
Join us for Garden Days!

Crenshaw Community Garden makes the top 10!!!


Crenshaw Community Garden, Home of Sol Adventurers LA Garden Program made the top 10 for best community gardens in LA County.  Our executive director, Roseanne Ware and Danila Oder the garden manager have short apprearances in the clip.  Check it out.


garden image


Join us on for Garden Days

girls diggin



                Date: Sunday November 28th, 2010             

                Time: 2pm

                Place: Crenshaw Community Garden

                        1423 Crenshaw Boulevard

                        Los Angeles, CA 90019

                          Click to Link Map


Come out and garden, drum, create and empower.  This gathering is for all ages.  Bring out the youth and find out how you can make a difference in my community.




Looking forward to seeing you in the garden.  Please remember to link your Ralph’s card so you can empower the youth while you shop.  Think of the orphans and at risk youth this holiday season and make a donation on behalf of those hard to buy for people on your list.  You will get a tax-deductible receipt the recpeint will receive a card from us on your behalf and you will be empowering our at risk youth to become sustainable agents of social change within their communities.  Many blesssings.  We couldn’t do this work without you. 


Roseanne Ware

Executive Director and Founder

Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc

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