Crenshaw Plaza Redevelopment To Get Underway

There was a presentation at the MINC Stakeholders Meeting this past Monday regarding the redevelopment project of Crenshaw Plaza in Baldwin Hills.  Jason Lombard of Capri Partners was there to tell us about the initial $30 million investment, which will greatly improve the look of the mall both inside and outside.

Here are the primary details:
  • $30 million investment – part of a larger planned $750 million redevelopment
  • bring it from a grade C – to a grade A with the $30 million
  • new movie theater including stadium seating, 3D, etc.
  • new entrance (no more big wall on the boulevard side – more pedestrian friendly)
  • new amenities – new tenant design, kiosks, children’s play areas, seating, food court, furnishing, decor
  • glass in the bridge to Macy’s – no more big wall across the street – it’ll be much more open, and will do a better job of connecting Macy’s to the rest of the mall
  • new restaurants and shops (The Children’s Place, Toys r’ Us, Buffalo Wild Wings, Brad Johnson restaurant – more”A-level” stores on the way)
  • shovel breaks ground this year (will be completed by holidays of 2011)
  • commitment to local hire – if you’re interested, see their website
  • local development partner is Ken Lombard (Magic Johnson’s development partner)
  • more at – and you can sign up for updates
  • no change in parking right now – that’s part of the larger project that’s under environmental impact review currently

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