MINC – PLUM Meeting Update

I just wanted to send out a quick update regarding the MINC PLUM meeting that I attended on Tuesday of last week.  There were two items of interest on the agenda.

The first was that we met with the project leads for the Midtown Crossing site, and received an update on the progress of their construction:
  • construction has begun on the infrastructure of the parking garage
  • starting to see the real construction above ground in about 9 months
  • plan is to have the Lowes ready to open by end of 2011 – early 2012
  • 2 entrances… one off of Pico and the other off of Venice
  • 3 levels of parking – Lowes on first floor – another box on top of it – either one major retailer, or a bunch of smaller ones – and other retailers out along the perimeter on the street

The other item on the agenda was the formation of the subcommittee to look into how to deal with sidewalk repair, and as a part of that, the trees along Washington Blvd.  Not much progress was made there.  MINC will need to talk to CD-10 first to coordinate.  The next real progress with the trees issue will come after the meeting with Sylvia Lacy and the people from Urban Forestry on September 1st.  The WSIA committee that has been formed to deal with this is very on top of the situation, and will have an update after that meeting I suspect.

I’ll likely find out more information at the next MINC Stakeholder Meeting on Monday, September 13th.

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