No Beatification Grants This Year

Well, it appears there won’t be any beautification grants for the upcoming fiscal year.  Oh well, it would have been nice to have done something with 23rd St. – I guess we’ll just have to work on another approach instead.  Looks like the city’s budget problems continue to plague well-meaning programs.

Suspension of CB Grant for 2010-11

Due to the City facing another tough budgetary year, the Community Beautification Grant was not allocated funding for 2010-11 fiscal year.  As such, we will not be distributing applications or hosting workshops.

On the upside, CB Grant staff will continue to work diligently to support the 200+ projects that are in progress.  We will also search for and apprise you of any grant opportunities that are available to organizations.  Hopefully, in a year, we can look forward to receive funding for beautification projects so that we can continue our combined efforts of making the City of Los Angeles beautiful.

Since inception of the CB Grant Program, we completed over 1,035 projects in partnership with organizations.  Without these partnerships, we would not have experienced the impact that these projects have on the people and the community.  

We will keep you posted on any updates to our grant program.  Please do not let this lack of funding stop your efforts of beautifying your community.  


The Office of Community Beautification (OCB) serves as a resource for the enhancement of the City of Los Angeles.  OCB programs are designed to support neighborhoods and community groups.  By utilizing OCB services, participants improve their environment while building partnerships within the City of Los Angeles.


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