MINC Stakeholder Agenda for THIS Monday at 7pm

A message from Allan DiCastro – the current President of MINC – as well as the agenda for this Monday’s meeting:

MINC Stakeholders,
First, “thank you all” for voting in the MINC election last month.
Second, I want to note that the number of people that turned out to vote representedover 90% of our MINC mailing list! That is excellent.
Everyone should be really happy with the quality of our MINC stakeholdersthat we have on our email list. Such a turnout definitely speaks to that. And it’s a real incentive for us all to keep pushing forward in the positive movement of the MINC community.
Although, we do need to (always) work on improving quantity of email addresses we have as as well.
I hope you will each continue to be such positive participates in MINC stakeholder meetings as well.
This month, we will have new updates on many things including median islands & SEZ expansion on WA Blvd.We will have the “how to” anwers for resolving some of MINC’s most commonly re-curring issues. Very important that you know these.
And last but not least, we have the new MINC Board for you to meet.
So come on out and meet them because they will help shape the future of the MINC community!
Best regards,
Allan (DiCastro)
MINC President

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