City of Los Angeles 2010 Bicycle Plan

To all Interested Parties:
The City of Los Angeles is pleased to release the draft 2010 Los Angeles Bicycle Plan. The 2010 Bicycle Plan is a comprehensive update of the current Bicycle Plan first adopted in 1996 and re-adopted by the City Council in 2002 and 2007. The 2010 Bicycle Plan (2010 Plan), a component of the Transportation Element, (an element of the City’s General Plan), is part of the City’s commitment to transform Los Angeles from an auto-centric City to a City with a multi-modal transportation system. The 2010 Plan designates 1,633 miles of bikeway facilities and proposes two new bicycle networks (Citywide and Neighborhood). Additionally, the 2010 Bicycle Plan includes a Technical Design Handbook that will assist both City staff and residents in selecting and designing facilities for future bikeways that are safe and consistent with current standards and guidelines.

The 2010 Los Angeles Bicycle Plan is a result of extensive fieldwork, numbers public workshops, and suggestions from thousands of public comments received from September 2009 draft Bicycle Plan.  The Bicycle Plan is a joint effort between the Department of City Planning and Department of Transportation. 

The complete document and maps will be available on the project website [] by end of the day June 18th with printed copies available for public review at the City’s Central Library and eight regional libraries and the Department of City Planning’s Downtown and Van Nuys Public Counters by June 30th, 2010. 

A series of workshops/public hearing will be held between September 7-18, 2010 to take public testimony and comment.

Please see the attached flyer for additional facts on the 2010 Bicycle Plan and information regarding the public hearing process.

Jordann Turner
Los Angeles Department of City Planning 
2010 Bicycle Plan-Project Manager
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 721
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213.978.1379 | Fax: 213.978.4656

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