Criminal Activity on Victoria/23rd Streets

Many of you were part of an email chain over this past weekend that went out regarding criminal activity (most likely drug trafficking) along 23rd St. and Victoria Ave.  The police were notified and they did send a car over, but that was about the extent of it.  Please be sure to keep your eyes open for any suspicious behavior or people in the neighborhood.  It seems that a group is trying to use the less inhabited parts of our streets to sell their drugs.  The more we can be vigilant – and even drive down along 23rd St. from time to time – the faster we can hopefully take care of these problems in our community.  Please remember – report anything you see immediately to the police at 1-877-ASK-LAPD – there is an open/active police report to collect all of our details (but you must be witnessing the crime in progress – or at least see the suspected vehicles currently on the street – to report the information).  It’s also a good idea to contact our lead officer, Hector Marquez, at and report any incidents to him as well.

Below – you can read excerpts of the messages sent out this weekend – as well as pictures of one of the vehicles:

In the first incident, one of our residents noticed a white Acura Legend – license plate 4GFV185 – parked at the end of Victoria along 23rd St. on Friday evening.  The resident noticed it was the same car parked there at the same time the week prior, so they decided to go down to investigate.  The resident drove down to 23rd and stopped their car across from the Acura.  An African-American “older kid” male on a bike was leaning in the car’s window, and an “exchange” was witnessed.  There were two mid-20’s Asian males in the car.  The kid on the bike then questioned the resident as to what he thought he was doing – to which the resident responded “Neighborhood Watch”.  Then the kid began to verbally assault the resident – who in turn wrote down the license plate number.  At that point, the car drove off, and the kid started to ride his bike up Victoria and stopped at another car – this time a black Audi – license plate 6KNN762.  The resident pulled up behind this car and also wrote down this plate number, before the car drove off (the resident was not able to see the person(s) in the vehicle).  As the resident reported, “Needless to say the kid was really steaming now… he rode right up to me and called me all the names again, and said if I ever follow him again he was really going to mess me up.  I again said ‘Neighborhood Watch’.  As he slowly biked off up Victoria he yelled at me ‘This is my hood!’”  The resident made sure that the kid rode all the way up Victoria, before returning home – so that the kid could not see where they lived.

After reading this emailed report, two other residents reported seeing the same white Acura parked along 23rd two separate times on Saturday, and a third car – a Corvette (no license plate given) “either buying… or someone doing something in passenger side.”  Photos were taken by one of the residents of the white Acura (see photos attached), forcing the car to drive off again.  As mentioned, the police were notified and responded.  As of this Wednesday morning, there was still a police car patrolling down Victoria and around 23rd – which is a good sign.
In another incident, a different resident witnessed activity from a red Toyota (Tacoma?) pickup truck – license plate 7D41139 parked along Victoria Ave.  The resident reported that they “had some issues with the truck and a Mazda minivan parked side by side transferring stuff out of the truck… asked the guy if he lived here, he told me it was none of my business, he was legally parked… pointed to the sign which said ‘Neighborhood Watch’ and he told me to mind my own business.”  The truck and minivan were spotted the next day up at the top of Victoria as well.  Again, the resident reported that the activity seemed suspicious.


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