23rd Street Cleanup

If you’ve walked along 23rd St. between Wellington Rd. and Victoria Ave. lately, you might have noticed a welcome change – the sidewalk along the freeway wall has been cleaned up, weeded, and the landscaping trimmed back.  Sylvia Lacy arranged for LACC to come in and take care of the work for our neighborhood.  Nick Kasparek and Michael Sonntag plan to go down there to spray the sidewalk with Roundup next weekend to keep the weeds at bay for the rest of the Summer.  In addition, the Bowers family (2137 Victoria) has graciously agreed to take care of watering the trees along 23rd St., so that we can hopefully keep them alive.  The trees were terribly in need of a drink.  (You may have noticed – there is no watering system down there for the trees or landscaping – not even a water spigot!)  Watering involves running a long hose, and hauling buckets of water – so we are truly grateful to the Bowers for their service.

We are collecting names of other volunteers to help out with the care of 23rd St., so if you’re interested, e-mail Michael Sonntag at michaeljsonntag@gmail.com.  We’re putting together a team to help the Bowers family with the water rotation, and to do further trash pickup and weeding (if necessary) later in the Summer.

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