Update On The Crime Update

Several people wrote in to inquire if there was any further information on the description of the two people that have been seen in the neighborhood.  This update is from Sylvia Lacy:  “The woman is matronly looking, 40-ish, short; the boy is a teenager – looking taller than the woman.  Both appear to be Latino.  They look out of place because they are wandering – not necessarily out for a walk.”  Sylvia says that was about all she was able to see in the dark.  Hope this description helps.

Also, several people contacted us to report other burglaries in the Square.  Edward McDaniel wrote: “Our address is 1962 Virginia, and yes we were hit.  My wife’s convertible top was cut to gain entry to our car.  It was parked on our driveway.  The damage was to the top, the radio/cd player, and the interior electrical system. Now we park our cars inside our gate at night.”  And we also learned that the Jones residence at 2021 Virginia Rd. was broken into on a Sunday afternoon about four weeks ago.  Ms. Jones lost a lot of jewelry in the theft – the police surmise that the thieves may be teenage girls.

So, again, please be alert in the neighborhood.  If you see anything suspicious – or need the police for anything in the Square, remember that we have a community police officer assigned to our area.  You can contact him any time with your concerns.  However, remember – use 911 when in an emergency situation.
Hector Marquez
Senior Lead Officer
Wilshire Division – LAPD
(213) 793-0790
And the general number for police help (non-emergency) is 1-877-ASKLAPD.

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