Wellington Square Crime Update

Sylvia Lacy asked me to send this out to all of you. This post is a follow-up to one that we sent out earlier this year (which many of you received – but we have since collected more residents e-mail addresses). The original message is copied below.

Apparently, we have some thieves that have been targeting our neighborhood. Please be alert and on the lookout if you see anyone matching this description. The thieves appear to be a mother/son duo – with most likely a third accomplice. As you can see in the message below, this started happening around the first of this year. But I’m sending out this update notice, because Sylvia just saw who we think are the same two people stealing property off of Zainab Austin’s front porch (the end of the block on Victoria – across the street from Sylvia) a few weeks ago. They were checking out several resident’s properties – but she luckily was able to chase them away before they stole further items. She noticed the man and woman walking down the sidewalk – and pointing at different properties as if they were looking for an address or admiring the architechture. She then saw them go up on the Austin’s front porch, and steal a bunch of tools and other materials, and hurriedly head up the street. At that point, she headed outside to see where they were going, but as she went up the street herself, they were gone – she thinks that someone was waiting in a car/van for them, and they drove off before she could catch them.

In addition to this activity, there was an item in the police blotter this past week:

04-20-10 / 6:00 PM – 04-21-10 / 7:00 AM : A Burglary occurred on the 2300 block of Buckingham Rd. The suspect (no description) entered a construction site and removed the victim’s tools.

Since again this was tools and construction materials, it seems to match the crimes that have been reported in the past.

Please keep an eye out for suspicious activity like this in the Square. And if you’d like to receive the weekly police bulletin for our area yourself, you can subscribe to their mailing list at http://lapdepolicing.org/.

On Jan 26, 2010, at 8:50 AM, Michael J. Sonntag wrote:

Hello Everyone —

I wanted to get the word out about a conversation Nick and I had with one of our neighbors up the street, Bob Alexander (2021 Victoria), this morning while on our walk. He stopped us, because he wanted to let the neighbors know about some thefts that have been going on. Apparently he and two other neighbors, Bobby Brown (2031?) and Lonnie (across the street – address??), have all had stuff stolen from their back yards and front porches. It seems like the thieves may be people looking for scrap metal and things like that. They’ve had a bunch of iron scrap, different metal pieces, car batteries, a car engine block, and a mattress (I’m relaying all of this from memory, so don’t quote me exactly on the facts) stolen from their property. They have a sort of description – I’m not quite sure where this comes from (I think one of them saw people leaving one day, but it was too late), but it doesn’t hurt to keep on the look-out. They said they’ve seen a white van/truck and a brown van/truck driving through the neighborhood very slowly – sort of scoping things out. They’ve seen an Hispanic man and woman, and a young boy with them on a bike. Apparently the man stays out at the van/truck, while the boy and woman go in the back yards to scope out – and bring things out to the car. Again, I’m not sure exactly where the detail comes from, but I thought I should at least pass it along to everyone – if they’re hitting Victoria, I’m sure it’s not the only street in Wellington being looked at.

I’m not sure if the police have been notified about any of this. Bob said part of his concern is that he and his wife are out of the country a lot, and so they’re not around very much to look after their property. We said we’d keep an eye on things for them – and I told him I’d notify this e-mail group as well.

That’s it I think…



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